Although the woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep

Miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep…

Every New Year millions of people around the world make resolutions to achieve new milestones in their personal and professional lives. The advent of New Year is the most appropriate time for a fresh beginning and start what you always wanted to do…So we present a fresh new list of New Year resolutions 2014.

These New Year resolutions 2014 will add a spark to your new year and give a new direction to your life. With determination and one of our New Year resolutions 2014 you will be able to scale new heights in different spheres of your life

Last Updated : 01 January 2014

2014 new year resolution is to start praying everyday . I'll start making it a routine habit to fold my hands in gratitude to the Lord for the blessings he has bestowed upon us in the past years and for those in the future. Thank you God and a very happy 2014 to all 

resolution in 2014 is to stay healthy and be fit . Abstain from temptations of apple pies, cheese cake, butter chicken, double cheese pizza... Oh what the hell I'm hungry again!! ;) 
A delicious and creamy new year 2014!

This year I've made a resolution to buy myself a new home . My dream abode where I can live happily with my  wife, kids and Milo ! A place where its peaceful and calm, where my kids can run long distance and go cycling! Happy 2014!!!

My new year resolution is to pledge my organs for donation when I'm dead. Its ironic how thousands of people around the world live a pitiful life in the dearth of healthy organs and on the other hand, perfectly healthy bodies are simply burnt or buried in the name of religion! Doesn't make sense to me!
If you agree than donate your organs this new year!

In 2014 , I've made a resolution to skip boring family gatherings and devote my time where it really matters like my friends and other priorities.Go out and have fun with the people I like than hypocrites and social butterflies!!

I take resolution every year and forget it. So this time I take a resolution to complete all the resolutions taken in the years gone by!! 

This year my resolution is to propose to my girlfriend of four years. I'm going to plan a splendid evening with a fancy dinner and an amazing dance performance on "our song"  with a an engagement ring in a glass of champagne ! It's going to be great!

My new year resolution this year is to spend more time with my precious little prince and give him the attention he deserves. Spend the new year's eve and the following day with my darling and get him whatever he wants. We'll play games, watch cartoons and make drawings! Looking forward to it! 

2014 resolution is to plan more family outings and gatherings. Make this year an amazing eventful year for the entire family  (uncles, aunts , cousins) by spending more time with them on every occasion possible because these are the only moments that make life worth living!

This year I would learn to cook in different styles.. different cuisines from all around the world..

This year I will learn dance for sure.. and would give ample amount fo time to my other hobbies as well maintaining a good work life balance..

This new year , my resolution is to move over my break up and forge new relationships. Look for someone who really cares about me and loves me just the way I am .... hello Mr. Right , I'm coming!

If I can't make money in 2014, the year that sums up to 7 ( the lucky no. of prosperity)  then it can't happen for many years to come.  So this year i've made a resolution to participate in every lottery, gamble and lucky draws!

My resolution for new year 2014 is to make my life well managed and spend quality time  with the people whom I love and care for.

Next Year my resolution is to take out sometime and learn to play guitar perfectly.

In 2014 , I've committed my self to do some volunteering and do my bit for the society and my country. I'll also encourage my friends and fellow workers to pitch in - cash or kind.
I am going to give few hours of my week towards something that makes me feel good on the inside and quenches the thirst of my soul.

This year's resolution - Travel as many new places as I can in India.

2014 is going to be a year of celebration because my new year resolution is to cherish each moment and live each day as it was my last! 
So break a leg and party! 

"you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"
                                           WORK HARD
                                            DREAM BIG

The resolution of the year 2014:
fight less, love more, learn to tolerate /ignore/carry on and just take it easy for once because I've had enough of B******t and fretting petty stuff in life ! This year is going to a Happy Year ! I'm going to make it one!

This year I shall push myself to save more for 
future security, children's education,
long vacations & to instill a healthy habit among my kids!

2014 is going to be the year of  a brand new me. I've take the resolution to reduce 20 pounds by the end of the year and wear my favorite short dresses that I've been craving for! I have a diet chart in place and an instructor whose after my life! Just what I need to make my dream come true!

I've made a resolution this year to enjoy my life more and not let the years go by in vain. Not to waste another year, another moment of my life sweating small stuff, and focus on what really matters.

With the advent of the new year I've decided to reach out to those who might need my help, volunteer more actively for causes I believe in ... education, sanitation, nutrition etc

Policy of the year:
no Drinking
no Binging
No naughty business 

This new years i resolute to dilute my absolut

My new year resolution in 2014 is to visit NASA on an all paid educational trip through 
one of the various programme running under NASA like internships, fellowships and workshops!
I'm going to shoot for the stars! 

My new year resolution is to carve a niche for myself in my new office!
Build relationships, make new friends, get to know my colleagues and new BOSS !

In 2014 I'm going to live without regrets 
and live in the moment.
This is my new year resolution this time - "Be present"

This year I'm going to make a resolution to abstain and keep my diabetes and BP under a strict check. This year I'm going to turn my life around.

In 2014 my new year resolution is to build six pack abs like HUGH JACKMAN in wolverine ...

Come 2014, I've made a resolution to plan a romantic getaway for just the two of us - me and my husband,  to an exotic destination where we can rekindle our passion.....!

my new year resolution 2014 is to take my kids to an unbelievable trip to Disneyland...!they've been dreaming about it since forever and this year I will make their wish come true!!!

In 2014 , I've made  a resolution - not to settle for anything less than what I deserve .... not take any s*** from anybody and stand my ground!

2014 is going to be the best year of my life

My new year resolution 2014 i to come out to my parents and tell them that I'm not the person they think....I'm gay... and proud. 
I'm not even ashamed of it or anything..
Hope they'll accept and love me as always!!
Happy 2014

In 2014 I'm going to take piano lessons and learn to play Mozart. I've been wanting to do it since I was a kid and  now I have the time and the money to finally do it ! I'm lucky to ahve found the perfect place as well! Go 2014!

This year my new year resolution is a serious one. I want to quit smoking. I didn't realize when and how it became a habit and now its hard to not do it! I've tried to do it a few times before but started again. This time I'm more determined than ever. 2014 is going to be a tobacco free year !

My resolution for this new year is to find myself a new job! One that I love ! One that I want to go to every day of my life without having to crib about it! One that is better! One that pays me my due! Something that is challenging and new and excites me !! 

In 2014 my new year resolution is to save 10 to 20% of my monthly  pocket money to achieve bigger goals and fulfill my future dreams! I want to go on world tour of all Disney lands and meet all of my favorite Disney characters! Also I want to save for my future education and a trip to NASA!

This new year I want to learn at least 1 new language and develop and expertise into it. That’s my resolution!!

I pledge to manage the most important thing of all in all of our lives i.e. TIME nicely this new year. Hope
this resolution stays with me!!

My new year resolution for 2014 would be standing up for myself, making a statement, and taking a stand for everything i think is correct and just.

I love dogs and I've been thinking to do this from a long time now, This year i'll adopt an orphan dog from animal shelter and present it to my daughter, i hope she likes it. Happy new year

The resolution that I made this year is that I shall  work towards making my country a better place to stay, work, study and live by promoting good civic sense, collective responsibility, staying alert towards plausible threats and promoting our heritage. It is my dream that my country becomes the most attractive hub for tourists all around the world.

Crying and tears in the eyes doesnt give any solutions to problems.. I will learn to be emotionally storng and would learn to face tough situations in life...

The most common resolution every year is a pledge to loose a few extra pounds!I'm one of them too! Giving myself another chance to start fresh with new zeal and determination in the new year!

My resolution this year is to spend more quality time with my family and loved ones and specially my two year old daughter who seems to be growing up so fast that I wish I could stop time and sit with her and have a good look without looking at the clock . Hey 2014, you are dedicated to Katie, my angel.

Is it really wrong if I have the same resolution every year for the past five years - loose weight!  So whose with me?  
Let's give ourselves another chance in 2014

My New Year resolution is to get a complete makeover for myself, begining from hairstyle, my wardrobe and shoe collection and all accessories.

In the coming year I'm going to be true to myself and work really hard and concentrate on my goals. 2014 is going to year of achievements. I'm going to climb the climb & face the music

With the advent of the new year , I am going to work hard upon losing my weight . Early morning of January 1 , I start my exercise routine ! No sweets until I loose at least 10  pounds!
Stay fit ! Stay happy!

My resolution this year is to eat healthy and become perfectly fit.

My new year resolution in 2014 is to bring home a little " bundle of joy " ! To have a baby and become family!  Give it all my love & heart..!  :-*
Have a cheerful & amazing new year! 

This year , my resolution is that I would go on a world tour. A 30 day trip to the most popular world destinations of Europe, Americas & Asia! I'll tour France, L.A. , Sahara Desert, Kerela and other amazing places around the world. 

This year I've thought of  spending quality time with my family. Give more time to my wife and kids and keep family time sacred and un-touched!

This year my new year resolution is that I shall pray more often 
and say "thank you" to the almighty.
Be closer to the higher power ,
and discover an inner journey

This year I shall leave no stone unturned to make life happen. I've decided to audition for every possible talent show in the country in 2014 and showcase my singing & dancing talent until I get what I truly deserve.
May Lord bless me  

Starting next year I've planned to get to know people from all parts of the world.
Discover new cultures, visit exotic destinations, make friends with new people 
and try to know more about the outside world.

In 2014 , I'll make new friends and get out of my shell ! I'll try to come out of my shy nature and change for the better. Have a social life and an amazing group of friends.

In 2014 I shall make a mark in the world of art with my talent. 
Undiscovered till date , but soon I shall be famous and peerless.
May this new year bring me fortune and prosperity

This year I've made a resolution to be a vegetarian ....research has found conclusive evidence that vegetarians tend to live a longer, healthier life... so starting 2014 cheers to a new lifestyle!

This year my resolution is to change my style and RE-invent my look ,
I'm going to do a wardrobe makeover and  become a whole new me!!
Then I'll be popular and irresistible!

My new year resolution in 2014 is to change my personality , change my look, 
try something new,
plat sports 
and build a better body! :)

My new year resolution in 2014 is to stop sweating small stuff and prioritize my life. 
Think what is important and not fret about little things in life that do not go as I planned.

My resolution for this new year is to learn western classical music and win AMERICAN IDOL!!
I want to impress the hell out of Jennifer Lopez , Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr!!
This new year is going to be best!!

This year my new year resolution is to forgive and forget.... 
blame for nothing and forgive for everything.....!

In 2014 my new year resolution is to shortlist the options of careers for me and choose a path where I would like to go for the rest of my life...... I shall decide what I wanna do in life.....

My new year resolution in this new year is to work harder towards achieving my goals and DO NOT give up!
Have perseverance and patience to be the best I can.....and attain my maximum potential in all fields !
Its high time already!!
Au  revoir 2013! Aloha 2014!

this year my resolution is to open my own small business ... my restaurant .Its something I've been wanting to  do almost my entire life and I've finally figured out a way to achieve it!!
May God bless me! fingers crossed!

My new year resolution in 2014 is to kiss at least 100 guys in 365 days !I'll find the right guy or i'll die trying ! wish me luck guys!!!
Happy new year ! cheers!

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