Hi dear readers….. Come new year and it’s time to celebrate! It’s the perfect time to tell someone how you feel and how much you care about them. The best way to communicate your feelings to someone special on this occasion is sending New Year wishes 2014. Our New Year wishes 2014 are the brightest new ideas to convey your love, affection and excitement this New Year.  Let us help you to add punch to your New Year with our fresh and innovative New Year wishes. In 2014 our wishes will make your loved ones happy, cheerful, cherished and truly loved...

Last Updated : 01 January 2014

May this new year you get the figure you always desired, the guy you always craved for, the  lottery you never thought of  and the life you always dreamed about ! Happy new year my dear , wish you every happiness in the world!

Wish a super new year to you! Celebrations and jubilation, accolades and achievements ,gifts and presents! A life of wonders and bliss! Rejoice, cheer and live life. Take care of the minutes and hours will take care of themselves 

I wish this new year all my family members stay fit, healthy, happy and blessed ! The year goes well and filled with all the good things in life! For me- I wish walks on the beach, sleeping under a starlit sky and a special someone to share it with. Happy new year

My only wish is that my loved ones get everything that they have wished for in their lives and have a mirthful new year in 2014. Wish everyone lives without regrets and enjoy everyday of their life as a special day!

I wish 2014 to be a beautiful year.. With all flavors, all seasons and all colors in equal measure!As wonderful as it can be with lot of good wishes and blessings for my family! Happy 2014 to everybody and wish everyone an amazing year 

At the advent of new year , I wish that there be no more war , only LOVE AND PEACE . All around us people are struggling for food and clean water and on the other hand , we spend billions on useless wars! I wish this ends!

Many many best wishes to all near and dear ones! May you always prosper, flourish, rise and progress in every endeavor of your life! NEVER STOP GROWING and NEVER GROW UP ! In 2014 live life to the fullest.

All my best wishes to everybody! Loads of love and  warmth ! Wish all sweet ones a year of pleasure, leisure, enjoyment and adventures! Have a great year ahead and a life of happiness. Happy 2014 and happy new year's eve!

I wish my fellow countrymen a bright and cheerful new year with loads of  success , satisfaction, luck and positivism. Let's have a beautiful and glorious new year in 2014 and party  all year!

May this new year light up for you, the hopes of Happy times and dreams for a year full of smiles. Wish you all a very happy new year.

I wish you a 

Fantastic January
Loveable February
Marvelous March
Foolish April
Enjoyable May
Successful June
Wonderful July
Independent August
Powerful September
Tastiest October
Beautiful November
Happiest December

Have a Victorious Year!!

Wishing? The whole world does that. I , on the other hand believe in working hard. You know what they say : Careful what you wish for because you just might get it all ! So this new year I pray for everybody's success and long life.

Wish everyone around the world a splendid year filled with celebrations, festivities, joyous moments, cheers and laughs....!May you enjoy each day with enthusiasm and positivism. Wish all a very happy 2014

Have a blast this new year ! Welcome 2014 with open arms and a big party with friends! Wish everybody around the world a superb new year eve , a fruitful 2014 and a healthy long life !
Happy new year to everyone

True friends are rare like diamonds, so this wish is only for my true friends who've always been there for me & stay a ptecious part of my life forever! Wish all you guys an amazing,  fulfilling new year!

Here's wishing a better tomorrow to those who've suffered the loss of their dear ones and property in the cyclone Phailin- one of the strongest typhoons in the Bay of Bengal.
May God give you strength to carry on 1

May all the 365 days of the year 2014 bring success and happiness in your life. Wish you and your family a great New Year 2014.

ONE wish for all .. May you stay fit, healthy,  strong, courageous, brave, undefeated and positive all year and many years to come ! 
Be happy and positive..And fearlessly stand for what you believe in  .. Happy new year

I only wish that in this new year 2014 , everybody goes to office, works real hard to get the economy back on track , and then it would turn out to be a really happy new year 2014. Wish you prosperity, success and growth in all spheres of life

Wish everyone a super-duper year ahead , days filled with joy and nights filled with excitement! may 2014 bring happiness, prosperity and good health to all...

In 2014 , the only blessing I want from God
is your happiness, well being and success.
Happy new year

This is the perfect occasion to express my feelings,
love and support, which is always with you
no matter WHAT
I'll always be by your side!
Happy new year 2014

New year wishes for 2014 
are success for you, 
love for me,
& togetherness for US

One always wants a blissful life, 
I pray to God that he keeps giving 
nourishment and care 
to his beloved children.
Happy new year to all

In 2014 the only thing I want is for you to be mine.... because everything means nothing 
if I ain't got you!

This year  may we all be bestowed with strength , courage , energy and perseverance to pursue our goals in life
An amazing new year to everybody

I wish in this new year you don't hold yourself back ,
Take risks, 
Be free,
and keep moving on 
towards your goals
and succeed in all 
endeavors of your life

In the coming new year I wish that you may be loved , cared for and cherished.
Have a life of happiness , enjoyment and merrymaking

I wish in this new year
we grow more dear... 
with all my heart ,
I wish you a very Happy new year

Happy new year .... may you God give you the courage and confidence to overcome all obstacles in life and reach your milestones......

May your life be a never ending party..... wish you a happy new year 2014!

A special wish for a wonderful colleague this new year.... may all your hurdles vanish and you achieve the heights you've been aiming for .... my best wishes and blessing of luck will always be by your side.. wish you get everything you wish for in life.....

Wishes are always pleasant ... not just to receive but to give too..... this new year I wish everybody limitless opportunities, abysmal happiness, continuing good health, exponential growth and all that one can ever wish for... but you know what they say....  " Be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it all...!

new year wish for my friends and foes .... may you be happy and grow.... challenge me to higher goals and dare me to try my destiny too.... watching you move forward , I shall grow and work hard night and day to give my best !!
Happy and prosperous 2014 to all of you 

May happiness be always at your door.... despair always stay away from you..... I have just one wish for all of you..... may you always make merry and cherish every moment of the upcoming year and many more to come....!
Happy 2014

This year my wish for you is a beaming new year , sunny days and starlit nights, delightful times and a life full of promise. May your inner beauty keep glowing and smiling everyday!  Happy new year to you and your family for this new year and for many more to come

Wish everyone days of delight , wonderful weeks , months filled with  merrymaking and year full of joy ! May God bless you and shower His grace upon you always! May you and family prosper with each passing day.. 

Richest Wealth is Wisdom,
Strongest Weapon is Patience,
Best Security is Faith,
Most Effective Tonic is
All r available free. Grab it all this new year.

Its my baby's first new year! I wish him and all other babies his age around the world a very happy, joyous & fun filled new year ! May you have many many more  bright and cheerful years ahead.
Happy new year to all

I wish for a peaceful planet, a healthier place, a happy world and a fun year ahead. Celebrate this new year's eve because time never comes back! Happy , healthy, hearty and holistic new year to all !Happy 2014

Wish all the kids around the world a merry and enjoyable new year. Have a big party with your friends and family. Celebrate the best new year ever and don't let the fun end ! May this new year be the most  amazing and unforgettable new year of your life!

In 2014, I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, happening and hearty new year 2014! May you have the best year of your life and enjoy each moment to the fullest with all your loved ones and party very night !! Happy new year!! :)

May this new year bring you lots of joys, fun filled moments, love and glory.....may Almighty's grace shine upon you and your family forever! A merry and happy new year to you and your dear ones! Enjoy 2014 together

I wish all my friends a wonderful new year and happy days ahead of them that make their life full of joys, jubilation and pleasure ! Celebrate the new year's eve with fun and music! go wild and have a blast!! 

I wish this new year becomes the harbinger of peace, happiness, good health, joy and prosperity. The atmosphere is filled with spirit of mirth and love and hope it brings your way bright sparkles of contentment that stays with you through the days ahead.

This new year , wish everybody a long , healthy and fruitful life. May all my dear ones have a wonderful, amazing and beautiful year with lovely days and merrier nights, fantastic moments of glory and brilliance! A very happy 2014 to one and all

Here's wishing family and friends, a worry-free year ahead ! may your new year be full of excitement, adventure, action, drama, thrill , fun and comedy! May 2014 be a power- packed year  for you and everybody you love!

The world is heading towards a grand celebration! On new year eve, let's wish our brothers and sisters around the world a very happy and prosperous year ahead.... welcome 2014 

Psychiatrists believe that a best thing a woman can do for her mental health is nurture her relationship with her girlfriends!  
Wish all my dear "soulmate" girlfriends an amazing 2014 ! Girls you make life easy! Love you all

The taste of life is family's love and good wishes! Blessing of the ones that truly love you. So this new year I send my best wishes to everybody I know and care for - Have a great new year!

Happiness comes in our life only if we try to leave sorrows and sadness behind. Let us welcome 
this New Year 2014 with our arms wide open for sweet and wonderful days. Wish you a very Happy New Year.

May this new year bring extreme happiness and joy in your life. Wish you and your dear ones a very happy New Year 2014.

Wishes to everybody around the world , may this new year be your best ever and a memorable one luke all other grand occasions of your life, today and forever....  Have a Grand New year 2014 !

This new year is going to be the best year of my life in recent times , my husband is back from Iraq,  and I wish a very happy new year to to all army wives whose husbands are back or soon will be! have a everlasting celebration in 2014!

New Year's Eve 2014 will be a grand long celebration that will end well into the light of the day. let's beckon the new year with open arms ... let us all come together and join the festivities  

This time of the year everybody desires for well-being of their loved ones,
and so do I ... specially for you!
A happy and healthy new year to you

Dear readers
 This year , lets pledge
for a more conscious contribution 
towards environment,
law & order
and  patriotism...

2014 is going to be the year full of 
best wishes for 
you , me, us & we!
stay merry,
stay happy

This year I wish that everybody lives a peaceful, hearty , healthy and happy life.
Despair stays miles away, bliss paves the way!
A very Happy new year to everyone around the world!

In this year all is going to be well
Obama is president
There's no confirmed news of life on MARS
Slowdown is slowing down
Technology is gearing UP

and I've fallen for you.
Happy 2014 to you

May this year you attain everything you've ever desired
girlfriends, currency,party &loads of fun
Have a great new year

In 2014 I wish that you never look back , keep progressing and always be happy
A very happy and fulfilling new year


I wish you a long, healthy, tranquil and fulfilling life in this new year and beyond...... A very Happy new year 2014

May this new year be your best and you achieve all that you've ever wished for...... My best wisheds are always with you...!

A heartfelt wish for my sibling staying  so far.... you may be away from my eyes but are always there in my heart....I miss you so much and wish you were here.... I always pray for your well being my lovely teddy bear.....

wishing for career
wishing for monetary success
 wishing for family health
and wishing for togetherness

Make a wise decision to have a new year without regrets!
Happy new year and may the Lord always shine his grace upon us....!

Everybody's wishing their friends and family happiness and enjoyment.... but I wish may there be no  new reason to cry... everything be just fine... the same.... healthy, wealthy and wise.
Happy new year to everybody out there....!! have a bombastic 2014

My feelings are always the same
The words may be new
Love is always same
Love birds may be new.... 
This time of the year too
As always I 'm reminded of you
An old friend like no other new... 
Dearest sweetipie... A very happy new year to you.....

Wish a very happy new year to all of you......may every day bring you something  fresh, challenging and adventurous...... and every moment be a celebration..... days and nights be a series of festivities ! wish everyone a prosperous and and amazing new year 2014....

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