Come 2014 and it will be party time all around the world! Are you planning a party too? Then we’ve got the wackiest New Year Eve party ideas 2014. Forget the same old theme parties and say hello to our fresh new amalgamation of exciting ideas for your New Year eve bash 2014. There are ideas for food, entertainment, location, games, decoration and much more…

Our New Year eve party ideas 2014 have been collected from all over the world especially for you… To make your New Year eve party 2014 a grand success and an event for everyone to remember for the rest of their lives!

Last Updated : 01 January 2014

Call up all your friends and colleagues and arrange for a series of gambling games all night like Poker, Black Jack and what not! Make it a fun night with no limits. Drinks on the house! music and pretty girls , and your night is a HIT! You'll have the happiest new year ever !

Let go of the hypocrisy and deception! Come out in the most comfortable of you attire - YOUR PYJAMA!
take it easy this new year's eve and enjoy the evening with leisure and no-frills attached simplistic fashion! Relax and let your hair down in your pyjamas!! 

** Cards night ** Playing cards whole night long with friends, accompanied by yummy food and some nice drinks sounds a cool idea for New Year's party. Do plan something!! Wish you a very happy new year.

In the age of social media everybody is a visual creature! NO party without photos! So gather up some fun and crazy props like eye masks, horns, tiaras, accessories, face paint, temporary tattoos and what not. Set up a photo booth for the guests, arrange for a decent DSLR camera, may be one of your invitees has one?  No professional photographer required . Take selfies and group photos with friends! You can also compile a flip book later online and send as a thank you gift to all the guests !
Happy new year!!!!

**One Dish House Party ** - All the invitees to the party can bring a homemade dish... with a pre decided menu plan... This is super fun and doesnt give any burden to the host... Drinks and great MUSIC could be on the house... :) :P

A movie night would be a great idea for Christmas night.. All the friends at one place with some great collection of movies which can last for whole night.. along with great food and drinks... 

This new year's eve enjoy with your family and dear ones with a eventful night of  games !Play family games like Snakes N Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Ludo or late night couple games like Truth and Dare, friendly gambling at home with cards or a mass game that involves even the neighbors like Tambola or Bingo ! Have a carefree and happy new year ! 

For tweens and teens, this season's party idea in vogue is based on beautiful fairytales.... Choose the story you love most as the theme or a mixed bag of your favorite characters ! A GREAT opportunity to wear amazing evening dresses & tuxedos !! 

A house party on New year's eve seems a very nice idea to me.. have good food, nice music, good company of friends and ofcourse your favourite drinks all night long..

This year's party must have a new twist . This year celebrate new year with new people! Go out your favorite club, in your sexiest dress and with the same lovely smile! Have fun with people you would like to know more in the new year, so what better occasion than the new year's eve to meet them?!
So grab this chance to party and find new paths of long term friendhships.

No matter where you go for a great evening , the fact remains that great parties take place always at home ( or your best friend's home!) . There's no better place to celebrate your new year than sit back, relax and enjoy with your close friends ,sit around  & have fun!

Every office goer is planning on utilizing this opportunity to become popular! 
and what better idea than hosting a new year's eve bash!
A party with the HOLLYWOOD theme suits perfectly for a office colleagues' party,
everybody can dress up as their favorite actor and party all night .

With your near and dear ones ... gather around the fire-place and play your favorite songs on the guitar... sing away the night with your friends ...!
this just doesn't happen! it'll take planning:
1) guitar lessons
2) clean the fireplace & arrange wood well in time
3) collect a playlist of songs in case the live version doesn't come out as you thought
4) send invites asap

have a superb new year ahead 

take your own new year parade from door to door in search of partners to party and go wild and give yourself a break from the age old traditions.....nobody needs to dictate your costume, your ways ... this year you go all out and make this one count ! 
Have a memorable new year 2014

Good food , drinks and games never hurt anyone...! The perfect idea to party is with your favorite party playlist in a loop on your home theater system .... don't forget to take those Christmas lights out..... if you have an open space then BONFIRE could be  great idea! Dance all night long ( n yes of course  with a lil midnight kiss at the end of the countdown .. :)    )

When we think of party we all think of going out... but what we never realize is you can have most fun staying inside ... in your comfort zone, with the ones you like, away from crowd and noise ....just in a way you love... that's the best idea to party this new year

if you really want your new year party to be a hit .. here's an a private lounge area of a  restaurant.... just for your special friends , ask them to put up music of your choice, and dance the night away with your brand of booze......

Playing friendly games is a great way to party .... may it be new year's or any other occasion... some of the all time favorite games are  :
1) Truth or dare
2) Poker
3) snakes and ladders
4)Playing cards
5) Tambola ......
Happy gaming this new year... best idea for a party!

When I think of new year... I think of PARTYYYYYY! 
The party idea in my opinion should be to enjoy a getaway with your girlfriend and surprise her with all that you've been planning to say ALL YEAR! Go to an exotic getaway and  spend a romantic evening with wine ......

On new year's eve the best idea of a party is to go to a friend's place and relax on that lazy boy all evening, night and the next day.... spoil yourself  the way you want  in your DEN away from all the noise....!!
may your party go on all year long...!

when the new year arrives this time ... don't forget to celebrate it with the ones you really value in your life...... Go on a long drive to the nearest holiday destination and make stops to enjoy  every celebration you witness on the way.... have a great new year!

when the new year arrives its is THE TIME to party ...without doubt! go shopping , buy an expensive sexy dress with matching shoes and accessories... grab your friends and go pub-hopping!! if possible, make plans in advance because EVERY place will be FULL of people!!  

the most awesome party idea this new year is to plan a weekend away from all the hustle yet not so far.... don't know what I mean? well.... you and and a few dear ones can book a five star suite ( much like the movie hangover!!) and splurge your way to new year in a wild wild way.... no rules , just FUN!

decorate your rooftop with diwali some soulful amazing music....invite everybody who knows how to party  :P , enjoy the evening with great food, drinks and unending dancing.... perfect way to say hello to 2014

Celebrate this new year in style, hire a yatch, call some friends, get some booze and sail into the middle of the sea. Party from evening to midnight and enjoy the new year moment under direct moon light and glitters of the magnificent ocean. Feel blessed.

Hey guys, this year lets welcome new year 2014 in style, lets call family and friends over for some cards, drinks and fish, and eat drink and gamble merry. Also a suggestion try ordering food from outside so that you dont end up in the kitchen while every one else is having times of their life.

With 2014 coming closer , the winter is starting to settle in , so the best idea to party this new year is with your friends around a bonfire with music and dance. Some guitar playing and live group singing of the classics like summer of 69! Nothing is better than barbecue food and a fun warm evening with friends!!

Special cocktail night - You may experiment and learn a variety of cocktails and mocktails in your new year's eve party and make it a specialty of the Night!! Use your imagination and  try out some cool drinks, but dont forget to make all the preps in advance and surprise your guests by serving them some great welcome drinks!

~~Photo booth theme ~~ You can set up a small photo booth using the simple things avaialable at home along with a few small accessories like.. some face masks, some huge shades, some different types of caps, use any old bicycle, if one is lying at home. Your guests would love to get pics clicked in lots of different poses using all the set up you have done.. It can be super fun! Happy new Year!!

Want to party in a budget? Why not ask your friends to bring their own alcohol along, their price, their choice! Keep the side supplies stacked up like ice, soda, soft drinks, salted peanuts, nachos, lime,lemons, shot glasses! All set for the best party in your pocket!

~~Secret Santa theme ~~... a great idea for X-mas eve.. everyone gets an gift..everyone brings a gift... In this..everyone coming to the party is supposed to bring a gift for one person.. and has to be a secret santa for that person..this way everyone gets a surprise gift.. name allocation can be done in advance..picking up names randomly..

New Zealand attracts tourists from around world on new year's eve as it offers one of the very few options of celebrating new year in the sun! In fact January and  February are the warmest months! So if you feel like having a break from the boring new year in snow every time and plan to do something different , then , New Zealand is the place to be! How about being on a sunny beach on January 1st, 2014?!

The year 2014 sums up to 7. So this new year's eve party theme is number 7! All invitees must be wearing 7 pieces of one particular item for e.g 7 bangles or 7 sweaters or 7 pair of socks!
Then may be you and your friends can play some games around the idea!

Kids love to party specially on new year's eve.  On this new year host aparty for your kid and his buddies with an African Jungle safari theme! 
Everybody will be dressed as the BIG five of the african forest - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino & buffalo !
Happy new year 2014

This year a great idea to party is to have a party based on the idea of sunny summers! The theme  of this year new party will be Hot in holiday season!Minimal dressing, umbrellas, sun tan, sunglasses, comfortable footwear and all the works! Go New year! Hot & happening new year !

if you want your party to be unforgettable then its absolutely essential that you choose an unforgettable venue! Hire a Bus or book tickets to the nearest holiday destination and have a party that lasts a weekend... 

Choosing a party theme for kids or tweens can be a difficult job! Trying to keep it fun, engaging yet 
absolutely unadulterated fun. One of the ideas that works quite often is having a theme that clicks with the kids like JURASSIC PARK. Decorate the venue with images of dinosaurs & laser lights, serve green veggies sandwiches (is it great or what?), ask everybody to tell bout their favorite dinosaur etc... they would fell in love with you and your party!

New year party can be great idea if you have the right theme. A theme can give a whole new feel and life to your party. One of the most popular new year party idea is  a NO PANTS PARTY!
that does not translate into semi nude but it does mean bare legs. may not be convenient for the guys  but TRUST ME they won't complain!

When you are no more 19... you need to re- invent the term 'party' .
Call your buddies over to your place , take photos, share memories..... have long relaxing conversations with your teenage playlist of romantic college time songs....... best way to PARTTYY
Happy new year

When its new year eve , nobody wants to be stuck in snow! So top destinations to holiday this NEW YEAR are :
1) USA, Las Vegas
2)Thailand, Koh Samui
3)USA, Los angeles
4) Austalia, Sydney
5) Maldives, Male

Check them out and plan a great holiday where you can enjoy in the sun and breeze EVEN when your countrymen are going through a blizzard !

Think out of the box, plan ahead, here is a new idea. Call all your friends, arrange for some good music, good food. Also get some masks, and mask everyone. Make two groups for guys and girls. When music plays one guys and a girl would come forward, both masked and would dance. At the end the best masked dance couple would be awarded.

The party idea of the year is here.....go to a hill station and set up a camp in the chilly weather with your friends.. enjoy the view & the moonlight..... dance away the night into 2014

Hi all , this new year let's step in 2014 in style .... plan a party with a theme like disco, retro, fusion, jungle, Adam & Eve, history, horror movie etc.... ask your friends to stick to the theme or pay the penalty by buying drinks for everybody !! we've done this before and it was super fun!

I have the best party idea for this new year's eve.... call your friends over , rent your favourite old movies ( at least 4 to 5) the ones that you can watch over and over again..... arrange some wine and beer .... with some food to go with it ... plan a cozy , laid back evening  and enjoy your night with fun jokes, games and lots of laughter

one of the best ways to party this new year is to plan a getaway to the party heaven of the world--- LAS VEGAS...! Celebrate new year HANGOVER style! Splurge, spoil , get wasted...... and welcome 2014 with class and style ..... HAPPY 2014

Most five star hotels have mid-night buffets this time of the year...... its the best way to spend long hours of leisure with friends or family on new year's eve and spend the night in a classy way ( with great food n beverages and inside your budget!) HAPPY PARTYING!!

A serious word of advice for all the party goers this new year's eve, if you do not want your new year's eve to be a total flop then please make club reservations WELL in advance or you are not going to get in ANYWHERE  (saying out of experience!)
even the shady restaurant in the neighbourhood is going to be full....

having a new year party is passe' ... have a new year performance.... ! Hire a choreographer, gather your friends or cousins for an hour or so everyday and prepare an elaborate dance performance for the entire family to ring in the new year with e'lance...! A very happy new year to you and your family members...!

This new year the best idea to party is to go on an exciting outstation trip to a nearby hill station with your close friends... you can book an entire bus or group railway tickets as per your budget and spend the last weekend  making merry sightseeing in the hills and enjoying the chilly weather.....

If you are sick and tired of loud music and next morning hangovers after every new year party, then this party idea is just for you - Organize ghazals nights. Arrange for some classic alcohol, some mughlai snacks and food, dim lighting, and finally some sufi music and ghazals playing in the back ground, would surely make the atmosphere serene and mesmerizing. Make sure you dont get Drunk(few drinks are okay) and on the tick of last second of this year, change to music to Party Nu Hi Chalegi and have fun.

This is the party idea of new year 2014, basic elements of a party are food, drinks, music and most important of them all people. So order some chiken tandoori, whiskey and vodka(for ladies and kids), butter chicken and dal makhani(for the veg souls) and hire out a party speaker with amplifier, also arrange for some disposable utensils. finally pick up your telephone and invite all your close friends anf family over to have a happy time.

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